Just A Gent & Kasbo – Sovereign (feat. Jon) [LoveTrap] [FREE]

Just when you thought that the stagnant pool we all know as trap music couldn’t get any more watered down or intolerable, our friend Jacob Grant aka Just A Gent has come to save the day with his buddy Kasbo. Their new jam, “Sovereign” is exactly what the realm of trap music needs: a change of pace. Appropriately labeling the genre of this song as “LoveTrap.” Just A Gent, along with Kasbo, have taken a bold step outside of what is “acceptable” and produced a track that exhibits the mere fact that trap is not lost or dead, just misdirected for the moment.

Please, don’t get us wrong: we like trap music here at @RagerOnions. We just feel as if it has unfortunately taken the place of dubstep production in America; constantly being imitated while rarely going above and beyond in terms of advancement in production technique.

Using harmonious violin and piano arrangements, Jacob Grant has caused us to question exactly what makes up a trap song. Typically, you cannot listen to a trap production without hearing an unnecessary complex of snare and somewhat obnoxious and repetitious lyrical samples. Just A Gent has thrown the standard formula by the wayside on “Sovereign” and included emotive vocals along with melodic, stratospheric synthesizer arrangements to make the entire jam sound incredible. Big ups to Just A Gent and Kasbo for this original mix.

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