Blink 182 – Adam’s Song (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)

Now we know exactly what you’re thinking. You can’t just half-ass a remix of one of the most memorable songs from our childhood. It needs to be spectacular. In order for the track to hold water, the production must be of an overwhelming magnitude, nearly perfect. Well, on that note, PRFFT & Svyable (pronounced “profit and s-viable”) have indeed stepped up to the plate and crushed this jam out of the park, on into the ether.

Sven Bensen and Sam Driver have got an amazing sound together. If you’ve never listened to a remix by this dynamic duo, you are assuredly missing out. But don’t worry. As always, we have the links below that you’ll need in order to become more acquainted with electronic gurus: PRFFT & Svyable.

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