Tritonal – Now Or Never feat. Phoebe Ryan (Pierce Fulton Remix)

When we saw this remix of the extraterrestrial Tritonians by 21 year old Vermont native Pierce Fulton, we nearly lost our collective minds. True Onions have been subject to our long-existing obsession with trance aficionados Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros of Tritonal for quite some time now. It would appear that this whippersnapper, Pierce, shares some of the same affections we do.

Growing up playing the guitar (which seems commonplace for many of the new American producers), Pierce Fulton has had a long history with music and composition. In 2009, he taught himself to produce House music using Logic Pro, a keyboard and some of Mr. Fulton’s six-string knowhow. Since then, Pierce has been progressing through all different sorts of genres and techniques, attempting to master the art of electronic music production.

When he’s not busy balancing his real life with a touring career, Pierce is usually pumping out dank jams, like this remix of “Now or Never” featuring Phoebe Ryan. Using the seductive and enchanting vocals, Mr. Fulton has created an entirely different aura from the originals.


A man in a trench coat walks into a dimly lit club as the DJ Pierce Fulton drops his colossal remix of Tritonal’s hit single, “Now Or Never” featuring the effervescent vocals of Phoebe Ryan. The lights dim, and a strobe spotlights a busty temptress from across the dance floor. She turns, giving him the eyes, those eyes. The man, inherently knowing it’s on, makes a break for the dance floor. Doves fly out from under his trench coat.

Fade Out


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