James Egbert | Exit Wounds feat. Nina Sung

James Egbert has been flying low on the Rager Onions radar as of late, but don’t get us wrong, he has always been there. Previously captivating our crew with a refreshingly original, highly energetic brand of Electro House (as seen in tracks like “Blackhawk” and “Isle of Capri“), James is bringing it back with the release of “Exit Wounds” featuring Nina Sung on vocals.

The deep, existential ruminations of Nina Sung lead to an epiphany from the vocalist just in time for the first drop. “I’m leaving”, Nina shouts as James turns up that glitched complextro house insanity. The track synthesizes an atmosphere fit for a catharsis of sorts. With the help of James Egbert, Nina Sung and Rager Onions, it’s time to believe again.

Let it all go as your newfound weightlessness picks you up from the floor. As you exit that door today or tomorrow to face reality, just know that you control your own fate. It is entirely up to you to shape and bring about the destiny that you desire. Go forth fellow Ragers and know that we are all in this together, we are all here to help.


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