Bone N Skin | On Fire (Spag Heddy RMX) [Welcome Psychosis]

Spag Heddy. How does he do it? Does he just have a secret stash of pre-completed beats to thrown down whenever he gets bored? Is he just juiced on heavy doses of speed, grinding down the sand in the hourglass, day in and and day out, methodically synthesizing masterpieces fit for a madman? We’d like to think the latter, although that would be completely ridiculous. Chances are, it’s most likely some place in between and probably not nearly as intense or dependent on substance abuse as we would like to imagine.

Either way, here’s Mischa Reining aka Spag Heddy’s latest drumstep remix of “On Fire” by Bone N Skin. Seriously though, this shit will get you going. Harder than a diamond in an ice storm.

Oh hell, while we’re at it why don’t you guys just enjoy the other boss original mix he just released, “Gift in Glass” featuring Todd Hand. It’s out now on another one of our favorite underground labels, DUSTLA.


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