Seven Lions ft. Ciscandra Nostalghia – Serpent of Old [Moombahgoth]


Jeff Montalvo aka Seven Lions has been architecturally redesigning the electronic music landscape for quite some time now, captivating fans with his luscious, melodic and rather refreshing take on the genre of dubstep. While indeed that is not the only style he is accustomed too, this next jam should further the idea that Seven Lions is more than a one trick pony.

Jeff’s latest release titled “Serpent of Old” is a dark journey into Seven Lion’s “moombahgoth” nightmare. The shrill incantations of Ciscandra Nostalghia that open the track allow Seven Lions to develop this spooky synthesizer chord progression throughout the song that would play nicely in any horror flick. Step into Jeff’s haunted house rave and prepare for a drop capable of exhuming and reanimating the dead from their collective endless slumbers. Zombies get down for sure, trust us.

Seven Lions has taken a bold step out of the box and applied stylistic motifs indicative of his other musical passions. Actually, Jeff says that when he is listening to music, it’s usually metal. We love seeing the assimilation of inherently different genres, especially when they play together as nicely as the ones in this jam.

Beatport: (<— buy it here).

One comment on “Seven Lions ft. Ciscandra Nostalghia – Serpent of Old [Moombahgoth]

  1. […] Maybe just another year is all Jeff needs; or perhaps we simply need to stop placing so much stock in dated, seemingly non-indicative polls such as the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. It doesn’t take an entire creative team at a magazine to realize that Seven Lions’ last three productions (including this remix) have been stellar. Jeff Montalvo has not only continued to produce some of the highest quality melodic dub, but has gone against the grain and successfully experimented with the amalgamation of entirely different genres (“Serpent of Old“). […]


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