Morgan Page and Michael S. | “Against the World”

It’s looking like a great winter season for collaborators Morgan Page and Michael S.. Showing the world once again why each producer exemplifies vocal production,  “Against the World” has the ingredients to infuse progressive house back into the limelight. With over 110 remixes to his name, Morgan has gained notoriety through his transformation of energetic pop into big room, dance floor anthems. As for Michael S., I think THIS will justify any argument against this monumental, rising star.

Here’s something interesting: Morgan Page grew up in a log cabin in rural Vermont and started composing electronic music at the age of twelve. By the age of fifteen, he already landed a gig at a local college station. Talk about having your head on straight. Michael S. went down a bit of a different path to stardom. A native of Chicago (Representing the 708, 312, 773? I don’t know, it’s a big city), Michael S. also started creating music at a young age by fusing similar pop and dance music tracks together. A writer, producer, and performer by trade, Michael has been doing his thing since the youthful age of fifteen.

So basically if you’re pushing twenty and still trying to live the dream, maybe think about settling for the 9-5. Or say F*** the haters and keep trucking along!

 On a lighter note, “Against the World” starts us off with a glitched out, up tempo build that ever so slowly dissipates into a bridge for the ages. With Michael’s mesmerizing vocals creeping up on the climax, that feeling starts to creep up on you. You know the feeling: when a song satisfies to the point of altering your physical and mental state. Goosebumps, chills, that pit in the bottom of your stomach. It’s like having extreme tunnel vision, only with your ears. The listener on one end, Morgan Page and Michael S. on the other. And then when everything else fades to black, it’s just you and the song against the world.
***Don’t forget to catch Morgan Page on his In The Air Tour featuring our dear friend and confidant, Topher Jones.


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