Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed – Collide (The Remixes) [Monstercat]

As underrated a producer as they come, Hellberg has been creating some very impressive original pieces over the past six months. Rarely does an artist find his style as rapidly and effectively as the 18 year old Swedish prodigy. Having already produced three songs under the ever expanding Monstercat label, Hellberg has found a way to separate himself from the monotonous Swedish electronic style. By concentrating more on developing his sound instead of just promoting up the ass, Hellberg finds himself on the cusp of greatness with his unheralded originality and instinctual talent.

In the words of the young Swede:

Dark and emotional stuff can be great for a moment, but music has the power to change someone’s day, it has the power to really express a feeling. So what could be better than to deliver happiness to a person, make them feel good, and make them want to dance?

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

There’s a reason Monstercat chose Hellberg’s collaboration with Deutgen and Splitbreed as the song to be remixed by these seven unbelievably talented, young producers. We’re talking about Astronaut, Barely Alive, Revolvr, Stiletto, Charity Strike, Insan3Lik3, and Tut Tut Child. Each artist was chosen for a specific niche style, resulting in an all encompassing remix EP with something for everyone to enjoy.

Support on Beatport: monster.cat/1fx3H7b
Support on Bandcamp: monster.cat/1j05TE8
Support on iTunes: monster.cat/1j064zb

Listen on Spotify: monster.cat/1cOQzwx
Watch on YouTube: Coming Soon

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Soundcloud: @Monstercat

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Facebook: facebook.com/HellbergMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/HellbergMusic
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Youtube: youtube.com/BarelyAliveHD


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