Mau5trap Records | We Are Friends: Vol 2

Deadmau5 and friends recently released their second volume of We Are Friends out now on Mau5trap Records. The compilation album features two new songs from Joel himself, “Suckfest9001” and “Your Ad Here”. While the former of the two songs lived up to the Mau5trap name, the latter seems to be Joel’s attempt at ironic marketing. I don’t buy it. The album also includes some new tunage from fellow Mau5trap signees Eekkoo, Aron H, BSOD, Heat Maxwell, James Nije, Al Bizzare, and Kairo Kingdom.

Our favorite track on the album stems from newcomer James Nije with his upbeat, melodic track “The Right Time”. It’s the perfect anthem to spice up this dull, monotonous Monday. Make sure to grab the free download on Mau5trap’s website, or enjoy each song for free on their SoundCloud.

Rage on, Onions. Rage on.

We Are Friends: Vol 2 is now available at iTunes here:

mau5trap online:


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