Flux Pavilion Releases New EP; Reminds EDM Why He Is King


After we previewed “Gold Love” last week, Flux Pavilion has finally released the full EP Freeway out now on Circus Records and Big Beat Records.

The five track EP features some of Flux’s finest work yet; two collaborations and three original tracks make for quite the euphonic ride. His work with Dillon Francis on “I’m The One” may result in the track being considered as the highlight of the album, however we still can’t forget the accordant vocals of Rosie Oddie in “Gold Love” or Turin Brakes in “Mountains and Molehills”. Flux always seems to find a way to synchronously match the rhythm of the track with the melody of the vocals. But even when vocals aren’t the main feature, the efficacious effect of a producer like Steve Aoki can exacerbate a song to new heights; and that’s exactly what the duo did with “Steve French”.

The Freeway EP is out now for a reasonable price, if you’re into purchasing music legally. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE!

Or else, you could end up somebody’s bitch. In prison. Alone. Forever. And ever. And ever. And ever. Etc.

The new Freeway EP, Out Now.
Buy ‘Freeway’ EP: bgbe.at/1b6XfPT
Check out what’s happening on the Freeway US Tour: youtu.be/Po_xOxqkPHw
Freeway Tour (US and UK) Tickets and details: cncrt.ly/FreewayTour

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