MUST DIE! | Fever Dream Pt. II [We Will Never Say Die, Will You?]

EDM’s favorite Skull Kid is back with the second edition of his two part EP series titled Fever Dream. Lee Bates, aka MUST DIE!, has become a hot commodity here in 2013.

Earlier this year, his massive remix to Bro Safari’s trap anthem “The Drop” had caught the attention of many top tier producers as well as record labels. In fact, Tommy Dash and Nick Sadler (the founders of Never Say Die Records) decided to scoop up and back young Lee Bates as he produced these dual EPs. He now joins the ranks amongst other great producers such as Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski and SKisM over at Never Say Die, a label dedicated to “nourishing and developing a sound” (dubstep, electro, drum and bass, trap) that its co-founders are passionate about.

Fever Dream Pt. II is pretty much what we have come to expect from Atlanta’s very own bass fiend, MUST DIE!. The first track on the EP, “Serpentine”, recycles a lot of the same sounds from the first part of this EP series. It’s actually sort of fun to pick out the samples and trace their roots.

We were most impressed by the final two songs on this EP. “Glass Castle” is a type of production style we have yet to hear from Mr. Bates. It is a bit more chill than his usual stuff, but it’s definitely a tremendous stride for the young producer. To us, it sounds a bit like Rusko – a signature bass wobble, a low-key vibe, and that pipe-like synth to keep the track going when it transitions.

Finally, the self-titled track ‘Fever Dream Pt. II’, provides a nice wrap up to this two part EP series. Here, MUST DIE! leaves the listener stunned with a symphonic introduction, interlude and outro juxtaposed against a mind-numbing, two headed beast of a breakdown.

MUST DIE! has found a cozy home at Never Say Die Records. Given these last two releases, it would seem both parties involved are reaping the benefits. Fever Dream Pt. II is available on iTunes and Beatport, so check it out.

MUST DIE! and Never Say Die Records can be followed HERE and HERE on Soundcloud, respectively.


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