Andrew Bayer | Perth / Mirth Mobile

Too many artists nowadays get into these creative rhythms (or lack thereof) where each new song produced sounds exactly like the last. Artists like Dada Life, Steve Aoki or W&W: their musical talent, while superseding the norm, doesn’t sound inventive enough to survive in such an immense spectrum of aspiring electronic music producers. Now don’t get me wrong, those three artists have succeeded immensely in their respective careers, but where’s the musical progression and forward thinking? With so many sub genres being created on the reg, what can an artist do to stand out?

Just ask Andrew Bayer.

Earlier this year, Andrew released the #1 electronic album on iTunes titled, “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”. Taking an experimental risk that could have compromised his entire fan base, Bayer took the leap into the unknown. His record label, Anjunabeats, called the album a “16 track journey through reflective electronica and dreamy glitch“. Nobody, including Andrew, could have predicted the success his second album had in the charts and in our hearts. However, after delving into an entirely different realm of electronic music, Bayer has returned to his trance roots with two new big room hits titled “Perth” and “Mirth Mobile”.

Both tracks were inspired by his time with Above & Beyond on their Australian tour earlier this year. “Perth” unravels it’s glitchy bass line all the way to the drop, creating a harmonious atmosphere of monumental proportions. The second song, “Mirth Mobile”, hits you in the face like a brick wall. It’s a modern big room anthem hit with cutting edge synths and a melodic piano breakdown capable of making Hitler cry tears of joy.

Two unique tracks from a truly special musician – Andrew Bayer makes Americans proud to call him one of our own, and we will continue to promote his music as long as he continues to promote his ingenuity. 

Release Date: 11th November 2013

SoundCloud: @anjunabeats


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