RJD2 – Her Majesty’s Socialist Request (Figure Remix)

Yes. We know, alright?

This jam should have gone up much sooner and we are whole-heartedly apologetic for the delay.

Figure is currently on a tear, firing on all cylinders as twenty thirteen comes to a close. It has been a watershed sort of year for Josh as his insatiable cult following of fans exponentially grows, presently reaching members into the hundreds of thousands. In turn, this increase in attention has allowed Figure’s years of experience to precipitate in the form of unprecedented productions, garnering an overdue and much deserved approbation from a more widespread perspective within the EDM community.

Josh Gard has accomplished something that very few modern recording musicians have: the ability to become “popular” without compromising artistic vision. Congrats Mr. Gard, our hats are off to you sir.


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