Spag Heddy – The Master [Melodic Filth] [Free]

Several days ago, one of our favorite up and coming dubstep producers Mischa Reining (aka Spag Heddy) released an original jam that is truly worthy of the title it bears. “The Master” is exactly what I look for in a dubstep production, especially if I’m feeling a little amped up to begin with (although it’s pretty hard not to get jacked up when I see a Spag release on SoundCloud).

The intro/outro of this track just might be my favorite part of the entire production, especially when the absolutely massive kick begins at about 28 seconds into the jam. Listeners must prepare themselves for the drop however, just wait until you hear it. Here, Mischa again does an excellent job of progressing his high-pitched, scraping synths that in any other circumstance might sound unpleasant to the ear. Spag Heddy has a knack for making the most unsuspecting noises sound dulcet.

“The Master” is the kind of dubstep song engineered to be blasted out of the windows of your whip as you cruise the streets. Of course this will inevitably attract the leering eyes of fellow commuters on the road. Not only will they not know what the fuck you are listening to, or why you are enjoying it, but if all goes as planned, you’ll come across as a genuine badass. You’ve pissed off nearly every car around you as they quickly roll their windows up to avoid your clamor.


Thank you Spag, you’ve done it again.


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