Musical Nostalgia: KOAN Sound & Asa – Sanctuary EP

If Jesus produced electronic music, we have a keen feeling that it would sound something like this.

Words cannot describe the transcending sense of euphoria experienced while listening to KOAN Sound and Asa‘s newest EP, Sanctuary. Taking a little over a year to complete, the five song EP has created quite a stir in the industry ever since the preview EP was released three weeks ago.

At 3:15 of “Starlite”, a man and woman have a brief, muffled conversation barely recognizable to the human ear. There’s a reason for the immediate goosebumps every time I hear their unembellished conversation. The fact of the matter is, simplicity touches the heart because it’s relatable; and that’s exactly what KOAN Sound did with this last album. They travelled courageously down the unpaved road straight into my soul, passing by all the insignificant trifles that muddle my existence. Isn’t that what all great musicians strive for?


Man- “Are you scared?”

Woman- “Yea.

Man- “I know.”

Woman- “I just don’t know what I am suppose to do, ya know?”


This, ladies and gentlemen, is nostalgia at it’s finest.


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