Vicetone vs. Popeska – The New Kings

Vicetone teams up with former Georgia Tech dorm room producer Popeska to create their latest progressive house gem “The New Kings”. While we just recently heard from Ruben & Victor on their latest single, “Chasing Time”, Ralp Popescu has been rather absent from the production scene for the last few months. While he did release a preview of the new track at the beginning of the year, I feel that previews blow and artists should stop posting them on their SoundCloud.

The most enjoyable music being produced today takes the listener on some sort of journey, metaphorically removing them from their ordinary livelihood. Nobody wants to start off on a journey, only to be stopped dead in your tracks after the first day and told to go home. Unless you’re Eurydice.

“The New Kings” was released today in it’s entirety, FOR FREE.

Grab it on our SoundCloud below.

No previews, no problems.


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