[NEW] Tunedef – Hit The Spot EP [SectionZ Records]

After receiving an overwhelming response in regard to his premier single “Plux” on SectionZ Records, Phil Kirsanov aka TuneDEF has now released a four track EP on that very same progressive, genre defying label that hosts artists like Savant, KATFYR and Soulero. Actually, Rager Onions had the pleasure of chatting with Phil a month or so ago, after said single was released on SectionZ’s Fresh Volume 2. Over the extent of our interview with TuneDEFwe quickly learned that this college bro was soon to make waves in the world of EDM.

The Hit The Spot EP features three brand new tracks from Mr. Kirsanov along with the previously released jam “Plux” – the song that hooked us (and most likely SectionZ too) on TuneDEF.

His first track on the EP, “That Which They Sought”, reminds us a lot of TuneDEF’s earlier productions (which Phil claims were partly inspired by his love of a particular radio station in Grand Theft Auto). At 88 BPM, the song has this liquid Drum and Bass/Dubstep feel to it, with plenty of modulated, paralyzing synthesizers and airy chimes to tie the whole piece together. Overall, a solid opening production for TuneDEF.

Another notable track that happens to be our favorite on the EP, “Hit The Spot”, opens with these incredible, resonating brass-like synths that reappear throughout the production and warped, echoed vocals that sound as if the vinyl is melting as it plays on the needle. From here, TuneDEF effortlessly transitions between his stratospheric interludes and funky complextro breakdowns that feature one of the most unique bass wobbles our ears have come across in quite some time.

With the addition of a second solid release on SectionZ Records, we hope to be hearing much more from TuneDEF in the near future. Phil’s latest Hit The Spot EP, courtesy of SectionZ, can be purchased HERE via Beatport. And, if you haven’t done so already, please show both SectionZ and TuneDEF some love on their respective SoundCloud pages with a “follow” (Links found below).

TuneDef SoundCloud

SectionZ SoundCloud


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