Refreshing Trap From An Unexpected Source | Mutrix – Gunz [Spotlight]

Cincinnati native James Ruehlmann is no stranger to the music scene nor the glare emanating from the lime light. As of late, he has been producing signature bass heavy jams (drumstep, dubstep, glitch, electro) under the moniker Mutrix that retain a particular dark and aggressive feel indicative of his prior musical engagements.

Directly following high school, James took off on the road to tour the United States as the guitarist for the melodic death metal ensemble At the Throne of Judgement. However, choosing to pursue an alternative career path seems to have been the right choice for young Mutrix.  Making the switch to producing purely electronic music appears almost effortless for James as he utilizes the highly technical experiences that come with playing guitar in a metal band. Mutrix attributes his hyper-detailed and complex rhythmic structure to his past musical endeavors. 

Given his current repertoire of EDM styles and his former experience as a headbanger, Mutrix assuredly has a knack for this whole music thing. 

Well, well, well. what do we have here? A trap song now?

I suppose it’s no surprise that Mutrix’s latest release, “Gunz”, is indicative of the genre-spanning talent we have come to enjoy from this blond-haired, blue eyed badass of whatever musical realm he sets his sights on. On this one, he takes that adept musicality we discussed previously, ties in the success of his recent electronic productions and applies them to an entirely new genre of EDM: trap.

We would be lying if we didn’t state that lately, we have become rather nervous when our favorite bass music producers delve into this style. In our opinion (which is simply an opinion, NOT a fact), this scene is saturated with minimal and rather redundant attempts at quality music that somehow gain undeserved mass popularity (we don’t get it). 

All ranting aside, Mutrix does a fantastic job of creating a unique and unexpected trap sound that would set any party or club ablaze with infectious vibes. James Ruehlmann has stepped out of the box and hit it out of the park.

Oh yeah, did we mention that it is currently number five on Beatport’s top 10 Hip-Hop releases?

Well, there’s that too…


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