More Spag Heddy and Meatballs | Heddy Bitsh & Say Nothing Remix [FREE]

Lately it seems (and many other producers would agree) that the dubstep scene has become diluted with amateur artists emulating the groundbreaking sounds pioneered by the more talented producers who had come first. Well, in one sense of the word I would whole heartedly agree; but on the other hand, there’s Spag Heddy (spaghetti, get it stupid?).

The Netherlands continues to pump out talented artists and Spag Heddy is certainly no exception. Using his signature “tomato bass” as the vehicle, Spag brings a unique and identifiable sound that resonates throughout each of his productions. We here at Rager Onions have satiated ourselves with his spicy sauce that always leaves us wanting another portion.

Today we bring to you two separate tracks of clearly different styles. Take notice of Spag Heddy’s signature sound we were talking about earlier. You can’t miss it. Spag give us hope that in a saturated market, the true gems will still shine through and receive the attention that they very much deserve.


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