Let’s Pretend | Grand Theft Audio [DUSTLA]


Over the past few days, I have been unable to step foot into a single friend’s residence without seeing them posted up by the television, usually for countless hours, mindlessly enveloped in the glory that is Grand Theft Auto Five. Who would have thought such a game could make over a billion dollars in it’s first week.


Lazlo tries to publicly expose and bang your daughter in this one, but did you expect any less?

Anywho, our friends over at DUSTLA have been tearing it up this past year. It only seems appropriate that they continue their volley of energetic, bass oriented electronic dance music. Today, courtesy of DUSTLA, we bring you a brand new jam from bay area duo Let’s Pretend, appropriately titled “Grand Theft Audio”. This funky, porn-groove feel will follow you up and down the streets of Los Santos as you destroy the lives of its virtual residents and wreak havoc on the city.

The track features a 70’s style, modulated bass guitar pluck reminiscent of old movies like Shaft or pornos like The Da Vinci Load or even Schindler’s Fist (sorry, we just had to). But, don’t get too cozy because the drop is indicative of most other DUSTLA releases. It’s still funky, but Let’s Pretend transforms the song into a complex, electro-house breakdown. We love it.

Show DUSTLA and Let’s Pretend some love via their various social media sites listed below.


Facebook: facebook.com/DUSTLA
Twitter: twitter.com/WeAreDustla
YouTube: youtube.com/wearedustla 

Let’s Pretend: 

Facebook: facebook.com/LetsPretendUS
Twitter: twitter.com/LetsPretendUS
YouTube: youtube.com/LetsPretendUS

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