Bassnectar | Take You Down EP

The 808 king is back, and we couldn’t be happier.

Lorin Ashton, otherwise known as Bassnectar, released his version of a summer EP titled, Take You Down earlier today. The EP consists of three new original tracks, a remix, and a classic Bassnectar jam that we’ve been bumping for quite some time now.

The title track of the album, ‘”Take You Down”, exemplifies Bassnectar’s summertime style; packed with pulsing chords, emotive synths, and heavy 808’s, this song epitomizes summertime Lorin. The second original track features one of Lorin’s good friends and confidants, Ill Gates. Bassnectar was excited to throw “Expanded” on the EP as he admits it is his favorite collaboration between the two.  For those producers out there, check out Ill Gate’s presentation below that he gave a while back. His unique and reputable take on productivity and creativity attest to a truly creative-minded individual.


The third and final original track to make its’ way onto the EP was originally added as a little piece of “sonic brutality” to the mix. An unexpected gem in our books, “Raw Charles” takes the phrase high energy to a whole new level.

The fourth track on the EP, “Colorstorm” was finished two years ago. Unbeknownst by most, the track never saw an official release despite its’ popularity. Bassnectar considered releasing it as an EP but in the end decided against it. So after a long journey, it has finally found a home on Take You Down.

The fifth and final track on the EP is another version of Bassnectar’s, “Take You Down”, this time reworked by West Coast Lo Fi. 


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