It’s All About Vicetone | Chasing Time [NEW SINGLE]

We had the pleasure of seeing this next Dutch duo at The Mid in Chicago this past August as part of what was dubbed the North Coast Music Festival Pre-Party. Personally, I had never seem them throw down live but I had always been a pretty big fan of their productions. Well, after witnessing what I believe to be one of the most memorable shows I have ever seen, it’s now safe to say I am utterly obsessed with Vicetone.

Besides their infectiously energetic melodies, the atmosphere emanating from Ruben and Victor of Vicetone was like nothing I had ever experienced at an EDM show. The stage presence displayed by these two confident youngsters allowed them to command the attentive eyes and ears of the entire audience. The club was saturated with this happy-go-lucky and festive aura indicative of the style of music and attitude only Vicetone could supply.

With all of our Onions on board, it’s going to be hard not to fall in love with this tandem of progressive house ballers from The Netherlands. As always, the dynamic duo continues to impress with the release of their latest single “Chasing Time”The minimal, hard-hitting base line coincides gracefully with brief but dulcet violin strokes as Daniel Gidlund chants transcendental, metaphysical whimsy. The track reminds us a lot of an early track by Tiësto- 

Not many artists these days are worthy of a purchase, but the hard work and dedication Vicetone emulates behind the decks and in the studio make them a perfect candidate.




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