Halloween Has Come Early: Favright | Green Storm [Complextro]

Good afternoon ragers!

It’s Monday again, and around here that only means one thing: more music!

Gifting the EDM world with his latest release, “Green Storm”, this next producer continues to impress us with his electronically infused sound. Extremely talented Australian producer Favright deserves far more attention than he gets; and were going to do everything in our power to make sure that happens. 

His compositional progression rivals that of Deadmau5, and his complextro breakdowns are on par with Mord Fustang. While Favright has impressed us in the past with melodic, up-beat originals like “Funcats”, “This Time” and “Nerve”, his newest track off of Monstercat proves that Favright still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. “Green Storm” impresses on just about every front possible; we’re calling it big room, complextro house.

Combining a high energy, heart thumping bass with a dark and menacing melody, Favright has created something downright sinister. If we’ve said it once we’ll say it again: producers that continue to push the limits with their sound by creating original, inventive content should be commended for their innate ability to raise the bar just that much higher.

Favright exemplifies all that is right in electronic dance music, so let’s spread the word and get this man heard.


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