Walking Def | Love To Give EP [New Artist]

The high flying, dubstep trio known as Walking Def have been producing some truly captivating music as of late. With a mere 900 followers on their SoundCloud account, it’s only a matter of time before these artists get the respect they deserve.

After their debut single “Running All My Life” was featured by Go Pro in last years Superbowl campaign, the advertising world became the first industry to realize their potential. With every new production, Walking Def continues to perfect their unique sound; a sound applicable in any party-esque environment. Even your grandmas 75th birthday party. Trust me, old people get down.

With sonic bass louder than a F22, it’s hard not to feel completely absorbed in their latest EP, Love To Give. Our favorites include the up-tempo, drumstep anthem, “Everything”, as well as their collaboration with Virus Syndicate, “Let Me Show You”.


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