TheFatRat | Dancing Naked [Artist Spotlight]

If I hate anything in this world, it’s country music, burnt popcorn, and most importantly, rats. This former frat star has had one too many encounters with those disgusting, worthless rodents. That being said, there’s one rat actually worth having around: the extremely talented, absurdly creative producer known as TheFatRat.

Don’t let the distasteful name fool you; for the gruesomeness of his alias can only be matched by his gifted ingenuity . TheFatRat has garnered our attention, that’s for sure.  He first caught our ear with his Hype Machine chart topping remix of Pacific Air’s, “Float”. Our favorite recent remix stems from Atlas Genius‘ popular tune, “If So”, which shows TheFatRat’s unparalleled understanding of musical theory through his ability to combine emotional chords, euphoric vocal chops, massive builds and gut wrenching drops.

Taking the next step in his career, TheFatRat dropped his brand new original masterpiece: a glitchy, electro track titled, “Dancing Naked”. Along with giving away the song for free, TheFatRat also helped produced an inventive music video that portrays a story of an animated, stop motion rat exploring the world of millennial pop culture.

TheFatRat flat out does things right; and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for such a talented and innovative producer.


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