10 Songs Guaranteed To Make You Cry (Happy Tears)

1. There’s a reason why this song is number one, and his name is TwoThirds.

2. Calvin Harris & Empire Of The Sun. Enough said.

3. I don’t know what’s in the water over there in Australia, but let’s make sure Walden keeps drinking it.

4. If Bruno Mars was smart he’d drop Audiens remix at the Super Bowl.

5. One of the best remixes of any song I’ve ever heard. Ever. Thank you Throttle.

6. Lana Del Rey keeps popping up on our website. But can you blame her when Kaskade is behind the decks?

7. You have now entered Tritonia.

8. Benny Benassi teams up with up and comer Alex Gaudino. The result? Something truly magical.

9. Cash Cash has been all the rage this summer. But have you heard Fareoh’s remix of “Take Me Home”?

10. Nothing like a little Madeon to finish you off.


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