10 Songs That Will Make You Cry (Sad Tears)

1. Above and Beyond, acoustified.

2. Ever heard of Blackmill? You will now…

3. Evan Duffy and Skylar Stecker cover Avicii’s new hit single, “Wake Me Up”.

4. The Great Gatsby (movie) would have been nothing without Lana Del Rey.

5. I don’t know what’s hotter, this song or the artist that sang on it. (BANKS)

6. Skrillex orchestral suite by the outstanding producer, Varien.

7. Aaron Static & Fort Road remix Hollywood composer Thomas Newman’s “Ghosts”.

8. What is the meaning of life? Just ask Rameses B.

9. Tritonal slows it down with “Bring Me Home”, featuring enchanting vocals from Meredith Call.

10. Call her the queen of the strings; Lindsey Stirling can do no wrong on the violin.


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