SirensCeol | The Ocean Ft. Alissa Dawson (Original Mix) [The Ocean EP]

It’s official; Stephen Burke, aka SirensCeol, is a force to be reckoned with.

Watching this west-coast dub producer develop his sound over the past few years has been whole-heartedly enchanting; and It finally seems like the world of EDM has begun to take notice. With the recent release of his new EP, The Ocean, Stephen has honed his sound to the likes of similar trailblazing melodic dub-step producers Seven Lions, Adventure Club and Blackmill. But, of course, SirensCeol is naturally unique in his own sense. Utilizing characteristics of glitch, complextro, progressive house, and many other genres, his latest EP is a testament to the true talent this UC Berkeley student possesses. Taking into mind the fact that he began to play piano at the age of 11, it’s no wonder why he has progressed so swiftly in the realm of electronic dance music.

SirensCeol has synthesized a unique set of sounds with this latest release. His heavy, yet complex sound design offers a deep and reflective outlook, rarely seen in dubstep today. However, he still manages to provide uplifting melodies and cherubic vocals that will keep the listener’s head bobbing until the completion of each track. 

Stephen offers fans a glimpse of his musical sense with the release of a single, which happens to share the same title as the EP. The Ocean is a chill-step banger indicative of the quality EDM fans have grown to expect from the other melodic dub producers mentioned previously. His mangled, growling bass lines are juxtaposed perfectly against the euphoric, complex arrangements featured on this jam.

It would be a damn shame to pass this one up.

Buy The Ocean here:


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