Project 46 | Motionless (feat. Seri) [Monstercat]

Since squeezing their way into the DJ Mag Top 100 last year with the help of their breakout song “Reasons“, the progressive house guru duo known as Project 46 have taken to the studio in 2013. The Canadian tag team has already released a slew of impressive remixes, completed their Continuum EP, and found time to start their own podcast with the hilariously awesome name, Pancake Radio.

Adding to their list of accomplishment this year, Project 46 has released a transcendent collaboration with Kaskade titled “Last Chance”, as well as their certifiably insane original track, “Motionless”. Both songs provide a high energy feel through their vocally driven melodies that are sure to get people up out of their seats.

Keep an eye an Project 46 and make sure to subscribe to their podcast below.

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