Progresia | Fire Fire Fire [Anjunabeats]

The names Marcus Schossow and Anjunabeats don’t typically fall under the same musical category.

Said nobody ever.

Who says artists can’t take on aliased personas in order to produce entirely different sounding compositions that neither mimic nor replicate their aforementioned identities?

Not I, said Progresia.

Earlier today, Marcus/Progresia released his newest single, “Fire Fire Fire”, under the legendary Anjunabeats label. Interestingly enough, Marcus teamed up with his sister Linnea on the track. We’ve seen siblings team up before, but rarely does it involve both male and female members. Her vocals blend seamlessly into the enveloping crescendo, and the climax hits harder than AB 640.

The release date is officially set for September 23rd. Needless to say, we’ll be looking forward to it.



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