Six Songs For A Sexy Weekend (Fall 2013 Edition)

Whatever kind of week you had, the truth is – nobody cares. You can blame it on too much work, the ADD weather, or even the onslaught of football that now captivates 71% of our social lives (that includes sleeping).

But it’s time to pocket your fall weekday woes and look forward to the week’s end. Cozy afternoons filled with half-zips, pumpkin on tap (FINALLY), and people talking way too damn much about the weather. Regardless of your plans, just remember: the weekend is a civil liberty. It’s the government-regulated time to kick-back, have a few laughs, and listen to these six songs.

1. PIXL – Sugar Rush
Introducing this weekend’s mix all the way from Sydney, we believe these Australians are encouraging the heavy consumption of caffeine. We could be wrong. But like Red Bull vodka, this song is another great way to start the party.

2. Audien – Leaving You
In honor of his show at Castle Chicago tonight, here’s the sassy smash-hit from one of EDM’s next superstars.

3. Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)
Find a better song to rage to on Friday the 13th. We dare you.

4. Steve Aoki – Boneless
Steve Aoki isn’t sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings, but this song is pretty fire.

5. ZEDSDEAD – Shut Up & Sing V2.0 v Greta Svabo Bech
Zeds Dead’s music is best defined as ‘awesomely weird’. And if that’s how you’d describe your weekends, this remix will fit nicely into your agenda.

6. Avicii – Let Me Down
You’re gonna like the way this sounds, we guarantee it.


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