Insan3Lik3 | Feel Alive (feat. Charlotte Haining)

As I read through the SoundCloud comments for this track, I was taken back by how quickly fans of a particular artist are ready to write off one of their favorite producers. True, this song may be slightly different from what Insan3Lik3 usually throws down, but can’t we all be a bit more open minded?

This is a quality production. With all the negative feedback given by fans looking for the same shit, we are less likely to have artists experiment with sounds. If producers are unwilling to experiment with their sound or style, we are forever doomed to suffer from a certain stagnancy in the world of EDM. However, this track garnered over twelve thousand views in twelve hours. I have to imagine other listeners besides myself have truly enjoyed it.

Matteo De Micheli aka Insan3Lik3 has teamed up with one of our favorite labels, Monstercat, to bring you “Feel Alive” featuring vocals from Charlotte Haining. This dub banger has one of the sweetest builds I have heard in quite some time. Combining dulcet strings with crunchy electronic vibes, Matteo has hit all the right spots on this next jam. When the track drops, Insan3Lik3 throws down chip-tune synths and uptempo wobbles that sound quintessentially blissful. We always love to hear artists we enjoy trying to do new things, and you should too.


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