Great Relief | DJ G-Wizard Remix Pack


Happy Monday my fellow Ragers!

Probably not so happy for most, I know. But don’t fret! We, like always, are here to help get you through a long day of bitching bosses and preaching teachers. This Monday, we bring to you a fantastic remix pack from DJ G-Wizard & Joey Kaz, now on promo through Global PR Pool. The remix pack gained inspiration from the original track, ‘Great Relief‘, which also aided in DJ G-Wizard’s influence in Australian electronic music. Dubbed the name ‘Wiz’ from his Atari guided tweaking of sound, here’s a look into three different producer’s take on such an incredible song.

First up, a remix by our favorite Aussie duo, Bombs Away. The boys from down under have gotten a lot of hype over the last year with their invigorating remixes and high octane originals. Not to mention creating arguably the 2nd sexiest music video of all time (behind Eric Prydz’ ‘Call on Me’) in ‘Super Soaker‘.

The second remix is titled ‘The Only Remix’, and unfortunately that’s all we know about it. Worthy of a listen, or ten.

The third and final mix of the track stems from a 17 year DJ veteran, Kid Kenobi, who self-describes his sound as, “a bouncy, bassy, main room buzz”. 

Whatever that means…

Hopefully this helps make your Monday a little less mundane, and if not, go climb a mountain or something.


2 comments on “Great Relief | DJ G-Wizard Remix Pack

  1. You guys are straight up legends.. thanks for the write up! – G-Wiz


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