Kill The Noise | Black Magic Remixes EP

Last year, Kill The Noise released one of our favorite EP’s of the year, Black Magic. It wasn’t the unique individuality of each track that convinced us of Jake Stanczak’s uncanny production skill set, rather it was the response from the EDM community. A little under one year later, songs like ‘Rockers‘ and ‘Mosh It Up’ still resound in night clubs around the world. With so many artists and producers wanting to spin anything Jake releases, we knew a remix EP had to be in the near future.

And here it is.

Jake has brought on the likes of Kill Paris, Henry Fong, Bro Safari, UFO!, GTA, LOUDPVCK, ExMAG, Jonah Kay and Brillz to create an absolutely colossal EP that rivals the original. Kill The Noise also provided a remix to his own original, ‘Thumbs Up (for Rock n’ Roll)’. Choosing a favorite seems utterly impossible, but if we had to choose, GTA and Kill Paris’ re-workings of ‘Saturn’ stand out among the rest.

Each song brings something different to the table, so make sure to give the EP a full listen, as well as supporting Jake on his SoundCloud, iTunes , and Beatport profiles.


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