Weekend Anthem | The Wanted – We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Smile, it’s Friday my hard working onions!

Now whose ready for a weekend anthem?

Being the music maniac that I am, I depend on the energy of new music to amplify the anticipation of a legendary weekend. As of 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon, if I have yet to stumble across this perfect tune, I find myself scurrying through SoundCloud to retain some semblance of a quality piece of production. And yea, you called it: I’m that guy at every house party positioned next to the iPod hookup all night screaming,

Dude! This song is sick! Just wait for the drop. It’s coming.

The drop seems to never come.

The Chainsmokers remix of “We Own The Night” brings with it everything you need for a solid weekend – fun-loving vocals, an energetic beat and that feel-good vibe that pushes Friday night into Saturday morning. So tonight, when a chick puts on Miley Cyrus at the house party, be that guy! Unplug the speakers, tell everyone to shut the f*** up, and throw on this jam.

Bro hugs will ensue. Embrace it.

3LAU, Paris & Simo Ft. Bright Lights | Escape (Aylen & Collin McLoughlin Remixes) [FREE]

A couple of days ago, two of Rager Onions’ favorite up and coming producers released a remix to 3LAU and Paris & Simo‘s massive progressive house anthem “Escape” on Revealed Recordings, the label of EDM legend Hardwell. And as if you couldn’t read the title to this article, we are speaking of Aylen and Collin McLoughlin of course.

Since both of these producers are rather unique in their own light, it only seems fitting that they synthesize entirely different sounds on their prospective versions of this widely popular beat.

On one hand, we have Andrew Lin aka Aylen. Already having conquered the art of DJing, Andrew has now set his sights on producing. Let us tell you, he is off to a damn fine start. Aylen has found a home producing some of the highest quality trap remixes that we have ever heard (example -his re-fix to Alesso’s remix of “Heiress of Valentina), and this latest jam is certainly no different. Mr. Lin does an excellent job of steering clear of that minimal trap sound that aggravates a large majority of EDM fans by including harmonius vocal chops and dulcet synthesizer arrangements. Overall, a great remix.

And on the other hand we have Collin McLoughlin, a famously talented musician who has now begun to produce electronic music after completely switching styles. Collin’s remix stays true to the beauty that comes with the original vocals from Bright Lights while supplying his own unique style of melodic dub. Apparently this was good enough to garner nearly fifty thousand views in a matter of two days. Not too shabby Mr. McLoughlin.

To sum it all up, it would be rather silly of you to pass on either of these unique and refreshing remixes.

Did we say silly? We meant stupid.

More Spag Heddy and Meatballs | Heddy Bitsh & Say Nothing Remix [FREE]

Lately it seems (and many other producers would agree) that the dubstep scene has become diluted with amateur artists emulating the groundbreaking sounds pioneered by the more talented producers who had come first. Well, in one sense of the word I would whole heartedly agree; but on the other hand, there’s Spag Heddy (spaghetti, get it stupid?).

The Netherlands continues to pump out talented artists and Spag Heddy is certainly no exception. Using his signature “tomato bass” as the vehicle, Spag brings a unique and identifiable sound that resonates throughout each of his productions. We here at Rager Onions have satiated ourselves with his spicy sauce that always leaves us wanting another portion.

Today we bring to you two separate tracks of clearly different styles. Take notice of Spag Heddy’s signature sound we were talking about earlier. You can’t miss it. Spag give us hope that in a saturated market, the true gems will still shine through and receive the attention that they very much deserve.