The M Machine – Metropolis Remixed [OWSLA]

It only feels right to remix the beautifully composed tracks from both parts of The M Machine‘s Metropolis EPs. About a year and a half ago, this trio caught the world of EDM off guard with the release of the first installment of the Metropolis saga, Pt. I. Now, in 2013, after releasing the concluding EP to their duology, The M Machine has assuredly become a household name amongst electronic music fans, DJs and producers alike.

Although a few of the tracks premiered on Metropolis Remixed have already been released by their prospective remixers via SoundCloud, a thorough listen to this album is still totally worth your while. Beside the epic remixes provided by Kill The Noise and Digitalism, The M Machine has given some lesser known producers the green light in providing their take on that Metropolis vibe. Notable contributions include Shinichi Osawa‘s retake on Tiny Anthem, Tantrum Desire‘s Drum and Bass revamp to Schadenfreude and the (what we’re calling it) future glitch trap interpretation of Black by Trifonic.

There’s a little something for everybody on Metropolis Remixed. With each mix touching on a wide variety of styles and genres, at least one of these tracks is bound to tickle your fancy.

Hope you enjoy it.


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