The 13 Best Video Game Influenced EDM Tracks [8 Bit Love]


This next one is a tribute to all you nerds out there. It’s for those of you who started playing NES at the age of 5, growing older and maturing alongside man’s greatest technological waste of time – Video Games.

And that is exactly what they are, a waste of time. However, as an avid gamer myself, I must state that video games provide the best way to distract myself from reality; to escape from the trivialities of the day to day. They have this uncanny ability to engross users in an abstract virtual actuality that can become more realistic than anything in the outside world. The beauty of video games, much like art or cartoons, is that you can do ANYTHING with them. There is certainly a digital home for anyone in the world of gaming.

Speaking of being able to do anything, these next 13 tracks prove that die-hard gaming fans exist everywhere, even in the world of EDM. That classic video game sound can be heard almost everywhere in electronic music but, most producers typically use one or two samples in a track. These next 13 songs focus on productions that are mainly influenced by chip-tunes, aka 8-bit sounds.

1. Savant – ISM

2. Savant – Starfish

3. Savant – Prelude

4. Nostalgia – The Hero VIP

5. KATFYR – Green Hill

6. Excision – 8-Bit Superhero

7. Doctor P – Tetris

8. Feed Me – One Click Headshot

9. Virtual Riot – Evil Gameboy

10. Porter Robinson and Mat Zo – Easy (Scattle 8-bit Cover)

11. MUST DIE! & A F K – Clanker’s Cavern

12. Figure – Battles and Castles

13. Razihel and Virtual Riot – One For All, All For One

5 comments on “The 13 Best Video Game Influenced EDM Tracks [8 Bit Love]

  1. Blij Gebliep says:

    Surely A list without this song can’t possibly be taken seriously

  2. Blij Gebliep says:

    Surely a list without Razihel’s masterpiece can’t be taken seriously:


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