Quality Over Quantity: Popeska – Sonder EP [Kindergarten Records]

Popeska, where have you been hiding for the past year? Wherever it is, we like what they’re putting in the water.

Who is Popeska? (Po-PES-kah)

20 years old. Atlanta, GA native. Wolfgang Gartner’s protégé. The first signee of Kindergarten Records.

And that’s the micro short list.

Known mostly in the past for his edgy, hard hitting remixes, the young and boastful producer finally released his highly anticipated EP in the form of a late summer masterpiece titled Sonder. It’s been available through Beatport since August 6th but wasn’t until today that the entirety of the songs made their way over to SoundCloud.

The release features four original tracks and an edit from Wolfgang Gartner himself on the hit track, ‘The New Kings’ ft. Luciana. Make sure to perform the standard precautionary safety procedures before pressing play on the tape recorder. Clear some space off of your vintage Pac-man arcade game turned coffee table and prepare to pump those hands harder than

Popeska brings that energetic electro house feel, stepping it up with those aggressive baselines and plenty of melodic elements.

After listening to the album from cover to cover, it’s safe to say that Wolfgang made the right decision in signing such a young and advantageous artist. These tracks stand as proof that his hard work and determination in the studio payed off, and that quality over quantity undoubtedly applies to electronic dance music.


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