Minnesota – Stardust Redux (FiLiBuStA Remix) [FREE]

After recently releasing the reggae-infused original single, ‘Come Around’ feat. Collie Buddz, our boy Minnesota has been on the meteoric rise to stardom. His live set at Spring Awakening Music Festival still stands as (debatably) our favorite set of the weekend.

And that’s saying something.

With no time like the present, Minnesota decided to release seven free remixes of his two original compositions, ‘Stardust Redux’ and ‘Bloom’. All were worth a listen, but only one was worth a replay:  FiLiBuStA’s remix of ‘Stardust Redux’.

Don’t recognize the name? Neither did we, however nothing turns us on like musically-fresh meat. Mixing and producing since 2007, Troy Probst has been on an eclectic journey, restoring the progressive and melodic elements of glitch and dubstep.  Growing up in the rural parts of Illinois in the small town of Fillmore, Troy spent his youth years tipping cows and destroying tractors (what else would you do). After teaching himself the guitar, he knew that music could potentially play a larger role in his life and in his career. So Troy decided to focus his abilities on developing his craft through the use of live and digital instruments both in the studio and during his live shows.

FiLiBuStA has already accumulated over 500,000 plays on SoundCloud after releasing the 17 track album Honeycomb Eyes for free download.  Show him some love by checking it out, and be on the look out for FiLiBuStA coming to a venue near you.

FiLiBuStA Official Site


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