Fall Under the Spell of Felix Cartal [Artist Spotlight]


Let’s face it. In a digital age where everyone seems to be hopping on the EDM train, there has been an over-saturation of DJs (and I use that term loosely) pumping out tracks in the mere hopes of making it on DJ Mag’s Top 100. It takes a certain set of skills, originality, and above all, persistence to capture attention within an ever-growing pool of production where it’s as easy to release a track as it is to hit send on a computer screen.

Enter Felix Cartal. Dude is the definition of the trifecta of the aforementioned qualities of having skills, originality, and persistence. While he does have a strong following in numbers and often sparks the, “Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard of him!” response, it’s  mind-blowing as to why he has not gained even more notoriety in the EDM world. The Vancouver native and Dim Mak Records poster child (aside from Steve Aoki himself) has been a consistent producer and remixer since he began releasing tracks in 2007. After opening for MSTRKRFT on their Fist of God Tour and subsequently signing with Dim Mak in 2009, Felix Cartal soon started gaining the attention of major artists like Zedd, Tiesto, and Diplo.

Right on the heels of his August 6th release of his EP Past Present Felix, Dim Mak has recently released a compilation of remixes to the EP’s fan-favorite track ‘Young Love’. His original four track EP, offers yet another example of the multifaceted, dance-driven productions Cartal continues to provide his fans. ‘Young Love’, featuring the vocal stylings of Koko LaRoo, captures the catchy, dance-pop sound synonymous with Felix Cartal as a producer.  ‘After Dark’ (also featuring Koko LaRoo) can best be described as the counterpart to ‘Young Love’, showcasing his range with a slightly more down-tempo, sexy sound.

Want more Felix? Check out Burns’ take on “Young Love” on the new remix compilation that turns the summer anthem-esque song into a drum-and-bass-laden, gritty chop. Also, Felix Cartal’s weekly mix, Weekend Workout on Tiesto’s Club Life Radio on Sirius XM, shows his ability to compose a set without a weakest link.

On top of that, his hair is so good it has its own Twitter account.

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