PRFFTT & Svyable – We Are ft. Crywolf [Falling Out of Love-Step] [FREE]


Within the first thirty seconds of listening to this song, we knew it was huge. Carrying a stamp of approval from the indie dub-stepper Crywolf, who also mixed and mastered the track, PRFFTT & Svyable (pronounced “Profit & S-viable”) have produced an unreal original tune with their latest collaborative piece We Are.

Not normally known for their original tracks, Sam Driver and Sven Benson of PRFFTT & Svyable have certainly made the right choice in teaming up with producer Justin Phillips of Crywolf, who just so happens to provide the vocals on this jam. To be honest, at some points it is extremely difficult to ascertain exactly which artist added which elements, but some portions of the song have Justin written all over them. Take the blissfully chopped vocals for instance. Ever since we had heard Crywolf’s collab with Aylen titled The Silence Pt. II., we’ve been patiently waiting for another one of his masterfully elegant vocal re-arrangements.

The angsty and emotive lyrics, alongside the chilled-out , (anti) love-step vibe, portray a melancholy scene that is far too often overlooked in dubstep production. Most dub is certainly dark and dirty, but rarely somber and reflective. PRFFTT & Svybale have captured the perfect mood on their latest release with the help of Justin Phillips’ vocals, which almost sound reminiscent of old pop-punk anthems.

This song has everything going for it and more. It leaves Rager Onions excited with the prospect of future original releases from PRFFTT & Svyable, who have traditionally stuck to remixing tracks. This production is so damn beautiful it hurts. Press play if you want to feel it.

3 comments on “PRFFTT & Svyable – We Are ft. Crywolf [Falling Out of Love-Step] [FREE]

  1. […] large blip on the Rager Onions radar after the tandem had released the collaborative track “We Are” featuring indie electronic sensation Crywolf, who provides the legendary emotive vocals. […]

  2. Jorge says:

    Lyrics please

    • Jake Groch says:

      I never took you for a runner
      One to leave it all behind
      I never took you for a coward
      One to bury all the memories of our love

      But we’re saying watch out
      They’re coming up behind you
      They’re cutting all the lights out
      Starting to consume you
      They’re taking hold of everything
      I ever hoped and dreamed of
      But this weight will lift from me
      And I’ll get lost inside the memories
      Of our love

      So I put my name down
      And you start to point the finger at me
      I would never come down
      If it were all up to me
      Can we turn the lights on?
      The darkness tends to hide what can’t be seen
      Put out all the false alarms
      They’re tearing us apart from the seams


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