ChromaRhythm – Nostalgia [Electro Moombah Crunch] [FREE]

For many of you EDM fans out there, there is nothing more rewarding than watching the growth of new artists you have discovered. Actually, scratch that. For music fans, there is nothing more rewarding than standing on the ground floor reflecting on an artist beginning to take root, inevitably inching their way towards the sky. It’s always nice to be the guy or gal boasting, “Yeah, I knew about them before they were cool.”

Speaking of which, Rager Onions happens to be granting you the opportunity to be among the very first listeners to this tandem of producers known as ChromaRhythm. Adhering to their principles of maintaining a strong and melodic song structure, Dae Kim and Derek Kerwin of CR believe they bring something to the table that most neophyte producers do not. After listening to their premier single titled Nostalgia, we can fathom exactly what these artists mean by that.

From the beautifully refined piano introduction to the unique synthesizer layering and infectious melody, Nostalgia is most certainly a first release that demonstrates the true potential for this L.A. based production duo, ChromaRhythm. Featuring a pronounced tempo change from 130 BPM to 112 BPM, this next track displays a certain poise that assuredly stands out.

Show these newbs some love and follow ChromaRhythm on SoundCloud or Facebook. We cannot wait to hear more from this dynamic duo.


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