Diplo – Express Yourself (R3hab & Diplo Remix)


When we saw Diplo and R3hab had a fresh-off-the-decks remix of Diplo’s twerk anthem ‘Express Yourself,’ it felt like Christmas morning in August. There’s so much good with this remix it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

First of all, the original track. We had the waltz, the bunny hop, the electric slide, and now, whatever the fuck is happening in Diplo’s video accompanying the original version on ‘Express Yourself’. If you haven’t peeped that video, I highly suggest you check it out. (maybe not at work)

The ‘handstand-twerk-against-the-wall’ feeling provides the perfect soundtrack complimented by the grimy synth and hard-hitting beat of the original song. First, we have the remixer, DJ R3hab, who can take a track at its roots and inject it with his mind-blowing drops and house flare. And then there’s Diplo. Anytime the original producer of a track makes the move to remix, you know they are about to go hard. Hard enough to top even themselves.

Finally, we arrive at the remix itself. The track eases you in with the familiar. Okay, you think, ‘Express Yourself’ on speed. I can work with this. But oh no. Once you hear that trademark R3hab build and the siren start to sound amidst a climaxing beat, brace yourself. The drop is relentless. In comes the aggressive synth-driven sound and hard-drumming bass as what can only be described as a perfect love-child of two phenomenal artists. They truly find the perfect balance of reworking the track without destroying it’s original formula. That is, the formula to incite the ‘handstand-twerk-against-the-wall’. Anyone else in?

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