Deadmau5 – ‘My Pet Coelacanth’ [EPIC]


(side note)

Deadmau5 gained notoriety for a few specific reasons. The Mau5head. The Cube. Discovering Skrillex. Calling out Madonna. Calling out A-Trak. Calling out Afrojack. Calling out Avicii. Calling out your mom. Calling out his mom.

And last but certainly not least….


Avid SoundCloud listeners will agree, there is nothing more annoying than an artist posting a :30 second preview of a song leading up to the break. And then you don’t even give us the break!? What’s up with that?

(side, side note)

ATTN: Producers, DJ’s, Composers, Musicians

These are your fans talking. Stop posting previews. Nobody likes listening to them. They are a waste of your time and a waste of our ears. How about instead of posting ten separate snippets of a song, you allocate that time towards your production process? We may not know how to make music, but we DO know how to critique it. And nothing grinds our gears harder than a shitty, un-developed preview.

By the way, Deadmau5 released a real song! Or maybe it’s just a really long preview…

I don’t know, I’m just the messenger.

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