London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix) [FREE]

Sound Remedy is unlike most producers we follow. Not only does his music sound flawlessly mastered and vivid, but it’s always consistent. No bull shit. Each song he releases sounds as good, if not better, than the last.

Unlike a great deal of artists we know, it would seem that Tony Howell, aka Sound Remedy, creates music very strategically. He most certainly isn’t releasing a plethora of songs, but the ones he does are impeccably euphonious and calculated. This man could remix any song, of any genre, and transform it into something unique and amazing.  Sound Remedy’s melodies, synthesizer effects and vocal re-arrangements are unmatched in the world of EDM. This is an artists that you NEED TO KNOW.

For those of you who are already fans of this Chicago native, you’ll find that Tony’s latest remix of ‘Wasting My Young Years’ by London Grammar is right on par with the excellence we have come to expect from Sound Remedy. He has even included his signature “whip slash” as the build culminates into yet another supremely emotive drop.

However, this latest track is a tad melancholy, and assuredly less hopeful than a majority of his others. This can only speak to the fact that truly great composers, like Tony Howell, possess the ability to evoke the entire spectrum of emotion in their listeners. One song will inspire you to skip through a field a wild flowers, whereas another will cause you to well-up and reflect on past mistakes. This remix is mostly part of the latter.


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