The M Machine – Ghosts In The Machine (Kill The Noise Remix)

We’ve been waiting patiently for Kill The Noise to release his rendition of Ghosts In The Machine, one of the staple tracks on The M Machine‘s newest album Metropolis Pt. II.. Thanks to Skrillex and OWSLA, two of Rager Onion’s favorite artists have congealed their styles on this absolutely fantastic track.

Using the prolific lyrics provided by The M Machine, Kill The Noise has brought his signature macabre sound to this remix. The reverberative introduction, along with pennybirdrabbit’s vocals, coincide beautifully to create an epic build when paired with KTN’s modulated synthesizers. Just prepare yourself for the drop and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The break launches into outer-space with these uncanny synth stabs and ground moving bass arrangements. And when the vocals join in again, Kill The Noise utilizes these trippy, stratospheric signal-whines that lazily trail off into the etheric atmosphere emanating from Jake’s remix. The mood crafted on his latest track is undeniable, and we couldn’t help diving head first into this one.

Do yourself a favor and check out this jam before it blasts off and takes the world by storm.


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