(NEW) Ellie Goulding – Burn (Mat Zo Remix)

Is it just me, or has Mat Zo been popping up all over the radar lately? First, he releases an outstanding cross-genre collaboration with Public Enemy’s Chuck D titled, ‘Pyramid Scheme‘. Then, the EDM Twitter-sphere went haywire with the return of @Mat_Zo_Official. And now this?

A wise person (my mom) once told me, everything come in threes. This could be just another fabricated lesson our parents tried to force upon us as youngsters. Because let’s face it; I don’t have arthritis from cracking my knuckles, I made silly faces without it getting stuck, and I ALWAYS go swimming right after I eat.

All it took to complete Mat’s holy trinity was a little help from Ellie Goulding. Her latest single ‘Burn‘ has already received the remix treatment from big names like Tiesto, At Dawn We Rage, and Razihel. All three artists provided something different and unique in their own version. However, Mat Zo once again blew everyone out of the water with his dynamic musical approach and refreshing, professional workflow.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mat Zo is the future; and if you have not figured that out yet, just ask will.i.am.


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