Just Play The F.O.O.L: ‘Feelings’ EP [Electro Glitchstep]

Just over a week ago, Rasmus Hermansen aka F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) uploaded a preview to his brand new EP titled Feelings.  For those of you who missed out, it’s no matter. The real deal is available to listen to below.

However, we have never had the teaser to a future release make us nearly as excited as the one Rasmus had put together for his fans. Instead of picking an arbitrary one to two minute snippet of each track that only serves to taunt the hell out of listeners, F.O.O.L put together a pseudo mix of all nine tracks, including all four remixes. The result: we were playing that shit all week long. Other producers need to take some notes from F.O.O.L in this regard.

Then later, after listening to the full release in its entirety, we observed that Mr. Hermansen did an inordinately effective job introducing prospective fans to the catchy, memorable parts of the album via his mix. This made listening to each individual track enjoyable later on. Why? Because now the listener was able to match the sounds heard in the preview mix with the name of the track or remix artist who had given F.O.O.L’s sounds a makeover. It was like solving an auditory jigsaw puzzle, except we didn’t have to cut the cardboard pieces to make them fit this time around.

As of 3:30 AM on August 7th of 2013, F.O.O.L’s Feelings EP has destroyed the Beatports charts, coming in at #1 on Glitch Hop, #2 on Dubstep and Electro House and #9 overall for releases this week. If that doesn’t speak to the albums greatness, I don’t know what will. Personal Rager favorites from the EP include Rasmus’ original tracks Invaders and Warriors, as well as the title track, Feelings. Also, be sure to listen to the superb remixes done by Lets Be Friends, Anzo, Chimeric, and the funking crazy alter ego of Rasmus Hermansen, Falcon Funk.

F.O.O.L: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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