One Nation, Under Madeon: ‘Technicolor’ (Original Mix)

Rarely does an artist produce a single production a year and get away with it.

Too bad rarity is Madeon’s middle name.

(Actually, it’s Pierre.)

The word prodigy just doesn’t suffice; the voice of his generation, Hugo Pierre Leclercq has done more in nineteen years than most musicians achieve in a lifetime. First came the internet sensation ‘Pop Culture’. Twenty million views later, the 39-song Launchpad sampling took the French sensation on an uncharted journey up the EDM ladder. Singles like “Icarus“, “Finale“, and “The City” placed him atop the list of Top DJ’s under the age of 20. A master of musical theory and notation, Madeon’s intricate compositions go unparalleled in the industry. His sound consummates the French-infused, nu disco style that we’ve all grown to know and love. 

His first release of 2013 is titled ‘Technicolor’, and it could go down as his most impressive piece yet. With a production style more intricate than A-Rod’s relationship with the Yankees, Madeon had this to say on his website: “My goal was to tell a story through dance music using a longer structure than what I’ve done before“.

Well, my good sir, you achieved your goal with flying techni-colors.

See what I did there. I added ‘techni’ to the popular phrase ‘with flying colors’ to give you ‘with flying techni-colors’. That’s the title of the song. ‘Technicolors’.

Have a listen below, and if you like it, purchase it here. And if you steal it, I swear to Madeon, I will end you.


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