Hard Work Pays Off: SirensCeol – When The World Falls (Original Mix)

What a strange journey it has been.

We’ve kept a watchful eye on our friend Stephen Burke aka SirensCeol for quite some time now. Let us tell you, this man is relentless. Besides a select few producers (Savant being the major exception), not too many artists release music at a pace that leaves the listener scrambling to hear them all. SirensCeol is constantly dropping fresh tracks on the reg and we can all certainly get down with this method of production.

Well, it would seem that his omnipresence in the studio has payed off. His latest single, ‘When The World Falls’, is the fruition of countless hours spent honing his already impressive production skill sets. But don’t get us wrong. We have thoroughly enjoyed many of his other productions, however, we feel as if this latest tune is far and away his most impressive production yet.

SirensCeol has done everything right on his latest original mix. The piano melody, the synthesizers, the vocals, the percussion, the love-step break, all coagulating into a dubstep track that just might redefine your idea of the genre. It’s not gritty and it’s certainly not grimy. The track is simply beautiful.

If you have never heard of this Berkeley-based producer, now is a great time to start. Follow him on Twitter, follow him on SoundCloud, follow him on Facebook. Shit, follow him around everyday if you’ve got the time. Then report back to us with any juicy details.

This one deserves your ears.


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